Immediately you should to forget on fair play and: “Let the best one win” attitude. You, me, all of us, we are not the best and do not want to be the best in the street fighting. This is not the sport there are no medals and great shiny medals given. We are not the best, but we want to survive and to protect our love ones and we want for all of them to be safe and sound. To be able to do that, you will do anything. If you get hit during the combat, you will hit back ten times more and powerful, if you get injured, forget about it, and hurt attacker/s 10 times harder. You have to become predator and NEVER TO FIGHT FAIR AND IN A GENTLEMEN WAYS.

If you have a stone, or rock by your hands use them, if you can use the chair, table, table leg, bottles, anything near you, even pieces of broken windows – you broke one if you have to (this is good because alarm will vent on and noise, and police or security will come shortly). You have to tear apart your attackers physically and psychologically. After you survive and protect yourself and the others, you can be a gentleman or gentlewoman till the end of your days, but when in combat, you fight just for one result – TO DESTROY THE ATTACKER. This is good way equally for women, men and child, no matter what build you have or experience you have. While training always have this in your mind, and practice in such way.

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We will take you on all levels of fighting ground, punches, kicks, weapons, ground fighting, inside, outside, mud, concrete, rain, snow, deep and shallow waters, restaurants, apartments and gyms...in order to get you ready for serious action, in order to make you winner survivor, to make you and hulk terminator in your mind and bod, to make you in predator. This is only way we know how to win serious attacks on our wellbeing. Of course we transfer peoples in powerful mind and soul persons to in to good peoples. But when the shit hits the fan god is out of the picture, than you must be all of above.Check out our other videos - CROBRAN - CROATIAN WARRIOR ARTS
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