Crobran is shorten term from old Croatian expression: Chroatum Bransk Poved, what means: Croatian Warriors Arts and Teachings. Crobran is a complete system of Warrior Arts, Martial Arts, Teachings, Wisdoms, Chivalry, Efficiency, Reality and Self-Defense dating from prehistoric times till nowadays. It’s beginnings are lying with findings of first and oldest human weapon at Croatian territory dated 800.000 years BC from Sandalja cave near town Pula, Istria, Croatia. Crobran is modern study of all Croatian fighting weapons and techniques from that first Neanderthals till us modern humans of 21st century.

In our training CROBRAN techniques and teaching are starting from Modern Era of 21st century Modern Crobran Self Defense. At the same time we study our historical Martial Arts to. But, we study Croatian Historical Martial Arts in very unique way, that is: all studied must be effectively useful in today real life, for fighting and for all aspects of life. We extract from history but we modify, adapt and improve for 21st century people.

Our Modern Crobran Self Defense is one of the world best Martial Arts and Conditioning system ever devised. It is comprised of reality based fighting and self defense techniques and tactic that are proven life saving in many hard and harder situations.
CROBRAN teaches unique Croatian Wisdom from old and modern eras, spirituality, morality, honesty, righteousness of one character troughs unique Crobran Stories, Crobran Wisdom, Crobran Mental Training and Crobran Spiritual Teachings and training. The most important in Crobran is that Wisdom. Without attained Wisdom of Crobran practitioner could never be successful in Crobran Warriors Arts and Teachings.

CROBRAN STUDIES are divided as follows:
1. Modern Crobran – 21st  century Modern Crobran Self Defense
2. Prehistoric and Ancient Crobran
3. Old Era Crobran
4. Middle Age Crobran
5. New Age Crobran
6. Folk Crobran
7. Crobran Conditioning trough Centuries
8. Crobran Apothecary
9. Crobran Research
10. Crobran Wisdom

CROBRAN is never ending story. Fountain of Crobran  is infinite source. This source is deep, wide, high and there are always new things to explore study, analyze, devise and implement in to the system. This source is Croatian History.

Crobran Hozdenie – that means Crobran Way of Spirituality, Wisdom, Techniques, Martial Arts, Warrior Arts, Teachings, History, Archeology, Anthropology, Genealogy, and  more. Crobran is infinite way of studying unique Croatian Warriors Arts.

Crobran is everything good and nothing bad.


What makes Crobran one of the world best self-defense systems? It is very cocky to say that, but I’m standing here and saying it. It is the world best because it is real deal.

Crobran has roots in real deal warriors. All of these warriors fought life and death battles whole their lives, some of them even 90 years old and still fit to fight and win half age younger warriors. Crobran roots are deep and wide ranging from ancient prehistoric times to today modern era.

Each one of Crobran Warriors was a real deal fighter whom won all their battles and killed many enemies and survived many battles. Crobran skills are deadly skills from beginning to the end, and there is no end. Crobran Warriors are used to fight against all odds, against thousands of enemies and they always won their battles, and that is continuum through history till nowadays.

Modern Crobran  is formed from real street fights, real street fighters, from Special Forces fighting systems of the west and east, from real bloody war fights during nineties Balkan wars in Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia, from real Police Officers fighting against criminals of all sorts, from Special Police Force Systems, from the utmost newest scientifically principles of human  training and behavior, from International Missions and War Against the Terrorism, from Contractor’s experiences in the third world dangerous countries, from never stop constant research, development and improvement of Crobran.

Crobran is really The Best Self Defense System of the World because it is simple, easy to learn, efficient, brutal, tactical, wise, law abiding and it make your life 100% safer, happier and enable you to enjoy that life freely without fear.

It is the best because it works for everybody, for children’s, for girls, ladies, older people, young people, for people with many fears, for housewives, for rich people, for poor people, for victims of crime and abuse, for handicapped persons, it works for everybody. Over last 24-25 years of real development of Crobran there are many case stories of survivors, winners of life and death battles with help of Crobran teachings.

It works for me for over last 24 years from wars to wars, from dangerous areas of the world to my backyards back home.

Crobran kept me alive and safe in many battles, fights, dangerous situations, and I am still here. So it can work for you to, you just have to dig in and train hard. All other will come very fast.

Crobran, The World Best Self Defense!

Crobran Founder,

Gordan Krajacic, prof.