Modern Crobran is one of rare Self Defense Systems that offering you real way’s for defending your lives. Modern Crobran is devised in such manner, which enables you to fight under fear, shock, stress, under conditions when you are out of your normal state of mind, under violence just happening upon you and enables you to win all that. Crobran encompass psychology of fear, adrenaline, stress and psychology of violence, tactics, attack dynamics, special mental training and right on target strong and realistic training.

Very first movements of Crobran warm up sessions are already realistic fighting drills. Every motion you make in Crobran training is devised for you to win a fight. Crobran is a winner and survival game.

By these combinations you get the right tools for any situation that you might encounter. You might ask yourself: “How is this possible? ”I’m small, weak, I’m afraid, I don’t believe this, muggers, thugs and criminals are stronger, crazy, killers etc… Crobran has a cure for all of these negative thoughts and tools how to turn them into positive aggressive action thinking. No other system can offer you that. How?

Well, it is possible because Modern Crobran was born in the middle of bloody war, and all Crobran fighters survived that war using Crobran knowledge. Crobran was further developed from anti-crime, anti-terrorist activities and developed in real street fights against bad asses of all kind. Against armed assaults of all kind, even against running motor saw armed attackers and all Crobran fighters survived to tell the tale. Crobran was used in anti-crime and anti-terrorist activities and all Crobran fighters survived and won their fights. All worse case scenarios real experience’s was and still are used to make Crobran. So, yes, it is possible. How? You have to try it, you have to sweat for it, you have to train hard, real fu….g hard, and results will come real fast, faster than you can believe.

Now, my dear friends, Crobran is not almighty, but sometimes I get reports form peoples saying:”Mr. Gordan just by reading your articles or books, or sayings I managed to survive real attack on my life, or to save other lives. Imagine what will happened when you start to use those words in real hard training of body, mind and soul…you will become one mean machine, but smart one, with sense of dignity, power, security, respect and self-respect.

I can give you all of that if you bear with me and my teachings and trainings. Next to come is series of articles about attacks, fear, mental power management and lot more, which will help you in your training and life.

Respect to you all!
Gordan, Founder of Crobran.

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