Crobran Martial Arts invite you to Crobran Self Defense Seminar  – Action and no Reaction Seminar. 

Come and grow with us! 28. – 30. of May 2017.

Where: Croatia, Pakrac, Mountain Home Omanovac:

When: MAY 28.,29.,30. 2017. Three days of packed action-knowledge-wisdom! NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED – we wil teach you!

Street Self – Defense, Gun-Rifle Treath Deffense, Antiterorism, Weaker Against Stronger, Women Self Defense, Kinfe Stick Defense, Knife Fighting, Stick Fighting, Fear Management, Crobran Wisdom, Outdoor training, Restoran-Bar Self – Defense, From Vehicle Self -Defense and more.

Seminar fee: 70 EUR for all 3 days. For more info: mob +385992785170, tel +38534295040, email:,  Accommodation and food payed separatley. Rooms and 3 meals per day/60 EUR-os. Rooms: double bed, 4 bed, 15 bed.

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We will take you on all levels of fighting ground, punches, kicks, weapons, ground fighting, inside, outside, mud, concrete, rain, snow, deep and shallow waters, restaurants, apartments and order to get you ready for serious action, in order to make you winner survivor, to make you and hulk terminator in your mind and bod, to make you in predator. This is only way we know how to win serious attacks on our wellbeing. Of course we transfer peoples in powerful mind and soul persons to in to good peoples. But when the shit hits the fan god is out of the picture, than you must be all of above.Check out our other videos - CROBRAN - CROATIAN WARRIOR ARTS
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SEMINAR WITH: Crobran Founder Gordan Krajacic, prof.  Non-stop Martial Arts from his age of 7; 38 years of expirience in Martial Arts, 26 years in teachings, MS in Sport Science, Security Manger, Master of Tae Kwon Do, Kuk Sool Won and Kuk Sool Do Martial Arts, Former Instructor of Special Forces, Ex Member of Special Forces, Real war experience, Fighter against terrorism in Afghanistan, Security Advisor in Iraqi oil fields, security Company Owner and VIP top level bodyguard.

SEMINAR WITH: Instructor;  Leon Krajacic, 12th grade. 17 years of non-stop Martial Arts studies and training under direct supervision of the Founder of Crobran. One of the best youngest Martial Arts Instructors in the World.  Real street defense experience, bouncer experience, teaching experience.

Knowledge, wisdom, firm character and goodness this is Leon. PRO MMA fighter. With only 14 years of age, successfully started to run family owned Martial Arts Club.