Gordan Krajacic, Croatia, Duga Resa. From my early childhood I’m practicing Martial Arts, as Sports, Arts and way of life. My Martial Arts biography is as follows: born at 1971. Street Self Defense means that I was involved in street fighting from my early childhood, bloody street fights, mass street fights, war street fights, official street fight as police officer and so on. As you can see I was all my life involved in pararel trainings of many arts and ways of fighting, but always doing my own research how to improve:

Street Self Defense:
Street Self Defense – early phase: 1977. – 1986.
Street Self Defense – middle phase: 1986. – 1990.
Street Self Defense – golden phase: 1990. – 1996.
Golden phase include a War Phase – Croatian Homeland War 1991. – 1995.: Development of Special Warfare Close Quarter Combat Skills.
Street Self Defense – official phase: 1997. – 2014. (Special Police Force)

1978.- 1982.: Karate
1982. – 1986.: Full Contact
1986.- 2001.: Tae Kwon Do
1988. – 2010. Kuk Sul Do
1990. – 2015. Military and Police Self Defense
1990. – 1996.:Judo, Box, Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, Ninjutsu, Kung Fu
1990. – 2015. Research and development of Instinctive Self Defense,

Black Belt 4. DAN, Kuk Sul Do,

Black Belt 2. DAN, WTF Tae Kwon Do,
Black Belt 4. DAN, Kuk Sul Do,
Black Belt 1. Dan, Kuk Sool Won,

1997. -2014.: Police Self Defense Instructor, CQB instructor, Weapons Instructor,
2003.: Founder: Instinctive Self Defense Croatia School,
2012.: Founder of Croatian Warriors Arts -Chroatum Bransk Poved-CROBRAN School,
1977. – 2016. And further, constant research and development of Crobran Martial Arts trough non-stop study of Croatian Warrior s Arts, teachings, history, anatomy, anthropology, ethnology, and secret ways of folk fighting and teachings.

After returning from antiterrorism mission in Afghanistan, in year 2012 one of my ways to recover from war horrors that I witnessed was hiking alone in to beautiful Croatian wilderness and forests. During one long walk trough big beautiful high oak forest I had a vision of Crobran – Croatian Warriors Arts – like a revelation – Gordan you have to put together Croatian Warriors Arts and spread our teachings all over the world.

From that point on because of our Croatian rich Warrior History, because my Croatian Warrior heritage, because of fact that I am Croatian Warrior, I realized that I must to establish Croatian Warrior Arts from day one. From day one.

That means from the first known human inhabitant on Croatian territory and this is from 800.000 years in past till now. There you have it. From that oak forest walk there we have it – Crobran – Croatian Warriors Arts. It is a new and old Art in the same time. All my life I’m working, researching and developing something in Martial Arts, Fitness, Conditioning and final product is Crobran. All I did earlier in my life was apparently putting foundations for Crobran.

During process of development of Crobran I had to fight for real, for my life, for saving other peoples life. I had to fight to protect my country for 4 years; I had to fight against terrorists, criminals of all sorts. I had to fight sometimes against 20 people at once. I had to fight sometimes against mad crowds and hordes of hooligans in great numbers. I had to fight against knife attacks, shooting and gun threats. I had to fight against deadly and dangerous terrorist half way over the world and I manage to win all my fights. All these experiences are roots of Modern Crobran Self Defense.

Crobran as Martial Art is reality rooted, reality based, reality trained, reality tested, and it is of warriors. Some of them did voluntarily sacrifice their lives to save hundreds of others and take hundred of enemies in process. All of them were and still are the best of the bests that my nation has to offer and their teachings are incorporated in core of Crobran.

All Warriors from which Crobran Arts take their teachings are and were real and true warriors, unbeaten, undefeated, some of them such heroes who dare to fight against hundreds of thousands of enemies without fear of death, some of them won such a glorious battles only by their swords and small numbers of their soldiers.

I’m on that Croatian Warriors path – with constant exploration, self-development and  total devotion to further development and improvement of Crobran. Trough Crobran I can help people around the world to feel safe, to regain or gain their dignities, to be proud persons, strong, fast, furious if needed, dangerous if needed, but most of all I can help that all of you feel safe and free.

That is short story about me and Crobran Warriors.
Gordan Krajacic, prof. Crobran Founder