Here are some Crobran tought’s on combat and fighting.

Avoid physical confrontation whenever you can, if you can’t, than fight!

Combat is not good; combat is not bad, that is that, accept it just like that!

Attacked at the street or somewhere else – win by becoming bad and go home!

When you have to be bad, be bad, there is no other way; afterwards you will be good again!

When you have to fight, fight dirty, dirtiest you can, cheat and smash down, afterwards you can again be a perfect gentleman!

Don’t worry about what will someone tell or think about you if you take action and fight like a beast! If you have such worrying thoughts, you will get badly hurt!

If you have entrance in to the attacker, go in and destroy him, hesitation will bring you pain, defeat and death!

If you must fight, enjoy it, don’t panic, don

’t worry, take care, enjoy and win!

If you are attacked don’t frost yourself, don’t wonder, and don’t make stupid questions in your mind – How? What? Why? Who? Why me?! Evade, prevail, escape and attack

Your attack has to be sudden, fierce and very painful! Attacker has to wonder what is happening to him, attacker has to be terrified in pain and horror!

How to achieve such action, to fight back without fear and with efficiency? Simple, practice yourself as crazy, as fanatic, as the best professional in the world!

Practice smart and real, and the best for you is to practice Instinctive Self Defense, there you have all the answers!

When many beat one, you go to help, watch out for steel bars, knives, chains and so! Attackers are always armed, so you to arm yourself, and use those arms!

Concrete, walls, asphalt are very hard, harder than any man! Watch out for your arms, legs and body! Life is short, beat them with weapons and in to the walls!

Honesty, in life, always, in fight NEVER!

When you can avoid fight – avoid it, swallow your pride!

Evaluation when to fight and when not to, is only yours, but beware that it is accurate or else people will get hurt without good reason!

Attacker in combat is not a person, he, she, they, are-is just a list of targets to destroy at your disposal. After the fight they are persons to call them an ambulance! Bear that in mind, always!

Attack on your body and life; at the lives of your loved ones! They want to kill, rape, torture, hey, that is no joke!

You have to break bones, break every one of attackers, no matter how many, how dangerous they are, you have to crash them and survive! Always remember – target to destroy!

How much is enough? This depends entirely on attacker-attackers! I don’t know when is enough for them, until I let them through my hands, trough machinery of counterattacks! If they need more, they get more, but careful for not too much!

By the law you can’t use greater force than attacker is using on you, you have to take care of that if you can!

My motto is better under lock than under dirt! In every situation, because lock up is for living people and I don’t want go to  the graveyard yet!

There are many people stronger than I am, there are many faster than I am, there are many more flexible, endurable, in better shape, younger, crazier, and more able than I am! It is good to know that!

Somehow I always win my fights! How? Easy, I practice very hard and train to be smart and to outsmart!

Nothing is impossible and scary, when you have to fight, fight and win, when you don’t have to fight, don’t, and that’s all!

Evade, duck, redirect, always on the move, detach, attack under angle, stay on feet, footwork, watch you’re back, ignore pain, win, survive, never surrender, look, see, smell, feel, perceive, know before, do before, cheat, use tricks, use weapons, and win!

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