Beside all mentioned before you have to be able to recognize when attack is done or delivered from persons under influence of alcohol and drugs. The signs that someone is under influence of alcohol or drugs are: red eyes, numb expressions of the face, alcoholic breath, rough voice, shaking hands, face turning red, bad breath, unnatural face expressions, and uncontrolled body movements, such as sudden changes in direction of motion.

Alcohol has a reputation to be the one of the most significant factors in more than a half of suicides, murders and traffic accidents in the country. Sometimes people under influence of enough alcohol easily turn in to violent machines that want to beat everyone, or weaker members of their own families or anybody who is in front of them.

Drug influenced persons have very wide eyes, nostrils and their lips do not have nice natural color – lips are dark and strange. While they communicate with other peoples they have unusually twitches of the body and face, their laugh is uncontrolled and unreasonable to us, they could be obviously hyperactive and very unusually aggressive and strong.

Usually person on drugs has red nose which they touch all the time in uncontrolled manner.

The uncontrolled hand touching and bending in the places where they stab themselves with injections is also one of the signs that we are dealing with drug influenced person or persons.

Persons which are on various drugs and stimulants can show great strength and aggressiveness, and they do not feel or recognize fear and pain. People on various psychedelics drugs are experiencing all kinds of hallucinations, visions and under that influence they attack and very easily could kill.

In making the Modern Crobran the special care was taken for confrontations with these kind of peoples on drugs, alcohol, other stimuli or just crazy by nature. So all of the Modern Crobran techniques are made in the way of fast and brutal neutralization of any kind of attacker. When you poke someone eyes, well he cannot see you anymore, so all of his strength and crazy attitude will not have any use to him, you can easily escape, or have great advantage.